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A new blog on HuffPo Gay Voices about JABR! 

The ‘zine launches at the end of the month, and we spoke with Joe—the creator of the most amazing new trans*/gender non-binary film festival we’ve seen in years…About the ‘zine and what we hope to accomplish. One good turn deserves another, and you’ll be hearing from GenderReel in issue two of JABR!

A new blog post from JABR’s editor in chief, dedicated to trans/gender variant youth everywhere.

Just a Bit Radical’s Kickstarter is underway! 23 days to go! Help us bring the magazine to print, get cool swag! Everyone wins!

                                                       Just a Bit Radical

                                       For Immediate Release


             New Publication Will Give Vulnerable Population A Way to Be Heard

According to statistics provided by the Youth Suicide Prevention Program, over 50 percent of trans* individuals will attempt suicide before they turn 20. Just a Bit Radical magazine editor and founder Catherine Oliver believes that having a publication to read or contribute to, where youth voices are heard and respected, can help make a difference in these numbers. JABR hopes to provide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQQIA) youth and their allies ages 13 to 30 with a publication that discusses ideas and issues that are important to them.

"I decided to start Just a Bit Radical because I was tired of seeing the suicides of LGBT youth every time I turned around," says Oliver. "I was tired of seeing every magazine only cater to one part of the LGBT spectrum and never include youth. I also am alarmed at the lack of transgender representation in print. Being genderqueer myself, I think that having a positive trans* voice in print and digital media is important. Transgender, gender-nonconforming, and gender-variant kids need to know there are others like them. In the media they should be portrayed normally, just like everyone else. Just a Bit Radical is designed to be that place, just as its name states, a little radical—forward-thinking, bold, and edgy."

Just a Bit Radical is a submission-based, non-content-censoring publication for LGBTQQIA youth and their allies. Founded in 2012, the magazine strives to increase positive awareness of LGBTQQIA youth in media and in print. The team includes Catherine Oliver, art director A. Elizabeth Yeterian, in-house cartoonist Juli Meyers, and graphic designer April French.

If you would like more information on our project’s goals and mission, or you would like to contribute, please visit our Kickstarter page: or email Catherine Oliver at

Our Kickstarter is finally up and running after weeks of hard work! Please help us spread the word:

We have 59 days to raise $5,000 USD. If we can do this, we can bring the magazine to print, get a website, and so much more. If we don’t? We don’t see a dime. It’s all or nothing. Go big or go home.

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