The Internet and media have revolutionized coming out and accessing resources for young transgender youth.  However, some transgender youth are being called out by members of the same community for not being “trans enough” or are labeled “trans-trenders,” which is taken to refer to women who take steps to begin to transition to male simply because they do not fit a stereotypical mold of womanhood (“I don’t like my body/situation/how people treat me as a female, so I think I want to be a guy!”). The fear is that these “trans-trenders” will make obtaining lifesaving medications, such as testosterone and other forms of hormone therapy, difficult for those who are transitioning with a real medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.


Genderplayful is a Marketplace unlike any other. We know that fashion and gender are two very different things, despite mainstream media telling us fashion for genders only works ‘one way’. Here at Genderplayful we’re hoping to meet the needs of all body types, gender identities, and presentations. 

If you missed our post yesterday, we’re looking for vendors! Signing up is simple, and once you submit an application our wonderful vendor coordinator Zee will get in touch with you to get your shop set up. We use a storefront that’s Wordpress based, so if you are familiar with Wordpress based templates you’ll have little trouble getting your shop up and running. If you run into problems, rest assured that we’re here to help! 

We need your help (yes, all of you!) to continue to bring Genderplayful to its full potential. We have amazing vendors as it stands right now, but we’d love to see that number grow. If you know someone who is crafty, loves to check out thrift shops for the latest edgy fashion finds, or you’re a crafty type yourself—we’d love to have you fill out an application. Before you do, though, take a minute to read our guidelines so you can make sure we’re your cup of tea. 

Also, if you run a website that matches up with what we’re about, or you think we’d click—we’re looking into doing ad swaps with other like-minded sites! Feel free to email us for more information.  

We know fashion affects everyone on a personal level, and that finding clothes and accessories can often be a hassle when it doesn’t need to be. Here at Genderplayful Marketplace, we’re hoping to have a bazaar that has something for everyone. We can’t do that without your help, so help us spread the word by giving us a signal boost. 


Hi everyone! My name is Kiran, and I’m here to restore the Genderplayful tumblr back to its former glory. Genderplayful is, in its own words: “A community-driven marketplace that celebrates diversity in gender presentation and body types.” Sister project to Genderfork, Genderplayful is setting the stage to offer a new experience for its shoppers and vendors.

Finding clothes that fit well and make you feel comfortable is just one of the many goals of Genderplayful. 

As wonderful as these goals are, they can’t be accomplished without vendors!  Are you crafty, or do you know someone who is? Genderplayful Marketplace is open for business and looking for new merchants that are looking to sell their wares. Unlike other online craft venues, the products you sell in your storefront don’t have to be handmade by you personally. Fashion is important to us, and we know it can come from anywhere. 

 If you are a thrift store addict, with clothes for every gender in your closet, or maybe you have a cool collection of accessories you’ve picked up in your travels—we encourage you to open a shop. If you can use Wordpress you’ll have little trouble setting up your storefront with us. If you need help, we have vendor support to help you create a successful shop. 

Whether it’s glittery earrings, upcycled or re-purposed t-shirts, custom alterations, tailoring, or even a new accessory to add a little something to an outfit you already own—Genderplayful Marketplace has something for everyone, regardless of body type, gender identity, or expression. 

What you’ll find currently at Genderplayful ranges from knit felt hats at One Raven Knits all the way to glitter and etched metal jewelry at Rowdy Baubles. If you’d like to join the cast and crew of our amazing vendors, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to fill out an application, and be sure to check out our current vendors!

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 Did you know we’re taking submissions for issue two? No? Well, now you do! Check out our guidelines and submit something to us today!

The theme for September issue is ‘Breaking Down Gender’ and focuses on trans* people and their partners/families/etc. while the following theme in December is ‘What Family Means to Me’. Keep these themes in mind for any submissions, as submissions outside these themes may be kept for a later issue but won’t be used immediately.

We hope to hear from all of you! 

The ‘zine launches at the end of the month, and we spoke with Joe—the creator of the most amazing new trans*/gender non-binary film festival we’ve seen in years…About the ‘zine and what we hope to accomplish. One good turn deserves another, and you’ll be hearing from GenderReel in issue two of JABR!

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