Demand equal access to public accomodations for transgender people in MA! 

The cosponsorship deadline for the Equal Access Bill is February 1. So now‭ ‬is the time‭ ‬to make your voice heard‭!‬ Contact your state senators and representatives‭ ‬TODAY‭ ‬and ask them to support the bill.

In November‭ ‬2011,‭ ‬Massachusetts became the‭ ‬16th state to add non-discrimination laws for gender identity in the areas of employment,‭ ‬housing,‭ ‬K-12‭ ‬public education,‭ ‬and credit.‭ ‬Additionally,‭ ‬Massachusetts Hate Crimes laws were also updated to include gender identity.‭ ‬This law is known as the Act Relative to Gender Identity.

This new‭ ‬law did not‭ ‬include protections in public accommodations,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬Public accommodations‭ ‬include‭ ‬banks,‭ ‬gas stations,‭ ‬beauty salons,‭ ‬doctors‭’ ‬offices,‭ ‬court rooms,‭ ‬hotels,‭ ‬restaurants,‭ ‬shopping centers,‭ ‬theaters,‭ ‬sports arenas,‭ ‬museums,‭ ‬libraries,‭ ‬zoos,‭ ‬beaches,‭ ‬public transit,‭ ‬airports,‭ ‬public streets,‭ ‬sidewalks,‭ ‬and many other places open to the public.

Here’s what‭ ‬YOU can do to ensure all transgender people in Massachusetts have‭ ‬equal rights to‭ ‬use‭ ‬public spaces‭ ‬free of any discrimination.‭ 

     1) Locate your‭ ‬state officials

‭     2) ‬Ask for your‭ ‬State‭ ‬Representative or Senator by name.‭ ‬Usually you end up speaking with a legislative aide.‭ ‬Introduce yourself as a constituent.‭ ‬Give your name and town.‭ ‬Tell them that passing the‭ ‬Equal Access‭ ‬Bill is VERY important to you.‭ ‬If they need more information,‭ ‬tell them the bill has been filed as‭ ‬House Docket‭ ‬#1172‭ ‬and‭ ‬Senate Docket‭ ‬#568.‭ 

The Equal Access Bill would add‭ “‬gender identity‭” ‬to existing Massachusetts civil rights law for public accommodations,‭ ‬which currently prohibits discrimination on the basis of age,‭ ‬race,‭ ‬creed,‭ ‬color,‭ ‬national origin,‭ ‬sexual orientation,‭ ‬sex and marital status.‭ ‬Nationwide,‭ ‬15‭ ‬states,‭ ‬the District of Columbia and‭ ‬187‭ ‬cities and counties‭ (‬including Boston,‭ ‬Cambridge,‭ ‬Amherst and Northampton‭) ‬have passed non-discrimination laws or ordinances protecting people on this basis.

If you would like to follow a detailed script when calling,‭ ‬you can‭ ‬find that here.

     3‭) ‬Fill out our Report Results form to let us know how it went.

Another way that you can help is to talk up‭ ‬#MAtransbill online.‭ 

We’d love for you to post to Facebook,‭ ‬Twitter,‭ ‬Tumblr,‭ ‬etc.,‭ ‬about why you are supporting the Equal Access Bill today.‭ ‬Why are public accommodations protections important to you‭? ‬Use the hashtag‭ ‬#MAtransbill,‭ ‬and add‭ ‬#TransMA and‭ ‬#MApoli if there’s room.‭ Here’s a sample tweet:

Stop discrimination in MA public accommodations based on gender-identity/expression. Call sens/reps 1/31! #MAtransbill

If you’d like more information,‭ ‬please check out these resources:

‭* ‬2013‭ ‬Equal Access in Public Accommodations Legislative Brief‭ ‬(PDF‭)

What Are Public Accommodations‭?‬ (PDF‭)

Consequences of Not Having Equal Access Protections in Public Accommodations‭ ‬(PDF‭)

Twitter’s down right now, but let’s see what we can do to continue getting the word out! New Englanders, this means you! 

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    Twitter’s down right now, but let’s see what we can do to continue getting the word out! New Englanders, this means you!
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